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June 30, 2024

Arbor Hill Blackberry Farm has closed until September 2024.

2024 Arbor Hill Harvest season has ended.  We still have Jam and Jelly available by order.  We will open the farm fruit stand in September and October for Christmas Jam and Jelly gifts and will have frozen gallons available for your Thanksgiving and Christmas Pies and cobblers.  We have gallon flash frozen organic blackberries for your smoothies and ice cream topping.  Text a order to our main number listed on the contact page.

BLACKBERRY U-PICK - June 29th, 2024.  (last day of the 2024 season)

No appointment necessary.  Gate opens at 8 AM to noon. 

Pint containers are provided for you. 

The cost is only $5/person plus $5 for each pint

Enter the farm gate at 1260 Gaddis Road and park near or walk to the white tent.

Early morning arrival is recommended to beat the heat. Bring a hat.

MAY 30th, 2024. Harvest is underway.

The farm fruit stand opens every day 7 days a week at 8 am with Fresh Blackberries at $5/pint.

Blackberry Jelly and Jam and Blueberry Jelly and Jams are $10 for a large18-ounce jar. 

Productions is increasing each day.  We expect to be at 100 pints per day by June 1. 

U-pick available starting June 1 until June 29th, 2024.  

U-Pick Information:

Those who want to pick their own need to know some basic facts about Blackberries.  ALL fruit is best picked in the cool mornings when the fruit is at its optimum flavor as the plant has poured moisture and nutrients into the fruit all night long.  As the day progresses, the plant takes moisture and sugar from the fruit to meet the stress needs of the plant in the heat of the day. Heat is the enemy of fruit. Blackberries are even more critical to pick in the cool mornings as they have no skin like grapes.

The roadside fruit stand for the 2024 season is complete. The Blackberry harvest is underway and shaping up to be a very good crop. Our roadside fruit stand will be stocked with freshly harvested Blackberries daily starting May 28, 2024. The daily harvest increases to reach full production of 200 pints a day by June 1. The fruit stand will have vented pint containers at $5/pint. (Same price as last year - enjoy the berry-licious bargain with a smile) Blueberry and Blackberry Jams and Jellys will be at the stand on opening day. U-Pick your own is also available at $5/person and $5/pint starting after June 1 until June 29th, 2024. 

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