Do you have samples available to taste?

          Yes, we do. Our fresh fruits and products sell themselves. We are happy to have samples available.  We are glad Covid restrictions have been lifted so we are able to have samples available this year.




What Jam and Jelly do you have at the roadside stand?

Blackberry Jam and Jelly and Blueberry Jam and Jelly. All are made and sealed in an FDA government

inspected Kitchen with an indefinite shelf life. Refrigerate after opening. 




 Do you have u-pick available?


Our u-pick gate opens at 8 AM to noon, June 1 thru June 29th, 2024

Come early to beat the heat.

The cost is $5/person plus $5/pint.  

Call ahead to help us assist you in scheduling: (404) 644-9470.

No pets allowed. No exceptions. 



Can we purchase fresh blackberries already harvested? Or do we have to pick our own?

The roadside fruit stand has sold out of fresh pints of blackberries for 2024.

We have fresh blackberries available on a U-Pick basis only until June 29th, 2024. 




What is the secret to the great taste of your berries and Jellys?

Well cared for organically raised plants and then serve the product fresh. 

Our blackberries are harvested in the cool of the morning, chilled to 33 degrees,

and sent in ice coolers to the roadside fruit stand for your purchase.




Do you have overnight camping or hotel facilities?

No. We have no facilities available.

Contact the Blackberry Farm in Tennessee. 




How do we care for Blackberries once we have them home?

Keep them in the vented container we provided you. They must be able to breathe in the vented container.

 They can be refrigerated in the vented container up to 7 days.

If you need to keep them longer, freeze in an airtight zip bag.

Never wash the berries when you get them. 

Wash them just before use. Blackberries do not have a skin like blueberries or grapes,

so they are more sensitive to care.  Our Blackberries have no chemicals or pesticides and have been rain washed.

So a light rinse is the most you would need to do just before consumption. 



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